So I was matched with a boy via the arranged set-up about 3 months back. I kept falling for him little by little. We had some differences here and there but nothing major and he made all sorts of romantic promises about the future. I could see it’s too soon but then we weren’t dating and had to make decisions fast so I let my guard down. He was very patient in contrast with my anger tendencies and overthinking. 

I was almost certain that we will end up together but after we met his father had some issues with what he heard about me from his son(i.e. the boy). He had issues with the simplest of things like me working part-time for an NGO in my free time saying if that’s what she will do post-office then she won’t have time for you. You will regret this decision.

The father’s ego was also hurt by some of the things between him and my father nothing major though. Due to these hiccups, the boy had a major argument with this dad and his whole family is against our match now because “no prospect is worth so much that it leads to arguments and fights.”

Logically I know that I had little to do with what transpired and should not take it personally but it has left me wounded yet again in a long drawn belief where I think In love I’ll never get success. I read all sorts of self-help and do realise that negative thinking begets negative outcomes but it’s so hard to stay positive when life keeps knocking you down. I’ve had four experiences where the boy first charmed me and when I invested my emotions, things fell apart. I can’t blame the boy alone mostly it was circumstances but nevertheless it hurt.

Is this also mother divine’s way of teaching some lesson? Or am I doing something to deserve this without realizing it? Or is it just fate? This site is full of intuitive and spiritual people and this time I am asking for your perspective and suggestion like a beggar asking for alms. I need it because I don’t see what I can do besides praying for things to become okay again. Maybe his family will come around or maybe it’s over.

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