Chiquinho Scarpa, an eccentric billionaire from Brazil, stunned the world when he announced plans to bury his beloved Bentley.

The businessman said he would bury his $500,000 luxury car — a black Bentley Flying Spur- so that he could drive it in the afterlife.

t drew a lot of negative media attention and was chastised for its extravagant gesture and destruction of a valuable vehicle.

Several questions were raised, such as, “Why are you refusing to donate the car? How far is this gentleman from reality?”

Moments before he landed his Bentley car, ready to bury it, he declared that he would not bury it, revealing his true motivation for the drama: to raise awareness for organ donation.

“People condemn me because I wanted to bury a million dollar Bentley, in fact, most people bury something more valuable than my car,” Scarpa said during a speech at the ceremony.

“They bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, kidneys. This is bullshit. So many people are waiting for transplants and burying them with their healthy organs that could save so many lives!!”

​This event was nominated for one of the most creative media campaign in that year. Also, organ donations to Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation increased by 31.5% in 1 month of this campaign.

Organ donation is critical because it allows us to save the lives of many people. The first recorded organ donation occurred in 1954. Ronald Lee Herrick became the first person to donate a kidney to his identical twin brother. Doctor Joseph Murray performed the procedure, and for his contributions to organ transplantation, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1990.

According to the Indian government’s Nation Health portal, 500,000 people die due to organ shortages, 200,000 people die from liver disease, and 50,000 people die from heart disease. Furthermore, 150,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant, but only 5,000 are chosen. The organ donor can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

Remember, after a person dies if he is buried he will rot. If he is burnt he will become ash but if his body is donated he will live again to give life and happiness to many.

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