Two years ago, I was excited to go to my taekwondo tournament which was going to be held at Tyagraj Stadium in Delhi. I was thrilled to attend the tournament. Happily and joyfully, I was bringing a big blue box for the first aid kit from my room on the first floor. I was made the first aid monitor of my taekwondo group and I was happy to have the duty. It gave me sense of pride that Sir has given the responsibility to me. Holding the big blue box, I was joyously coming down to the ground floor and in excitement I was jumping and skipping the stairs. So, while on the last jump from the stairs, I crossed my mother who was bringing a cup of hot tea from the kitchen from the left side of the house. But I didn’t saw that and came in between and jumped on the tea and whole hot hot tea spilled over my chest and on my thighs. As a consequence, I got burnt on my chest and thighs. My mom got scared and went to my father and he directly took me to the hospital after some first aid at home. While going to the hospital I was also scared and could also sense the pain of my mother. Doctor checked my wound and directed the nurse to bandage the wound and she tied the bandage around my chest and my thighs. I was sad because now I can’t go to the tournament which I was preparing and waiting to happen. My all-family members were worried and concerned about me. I realized that I should not harm myself by my own naughty activities (harkate)😅. I came to know that I should not be a naughty child, I should be a sincere and a careful child.


                      Jai Sri Hari


Keep smiling 😊😊