“Brahmo Muhurta Uttishtet Swastho RaksharthamayushaH”

Waking up in Brahmi Muhurta OR before sunrise gives longevity. This, however, is for all healthy individuals and we all know that our ancestors strictly followed it. People who are sick, and young children are an exception. 

Brushing- After having done with morning nature calls, one should brush their teeth with twigs of Babbul, Arjuna, Neem, etc. Ayurveda also says one should brush their teeth after waking up in the morning and also after the meal. So ideally, brushing in the morning and at night before bedtime is good enough, and this everybody knows, nothing new to add. The twigs should have katu or tikta rasa( In my first series on Ayurveda, I mentioned shadrasas). Ayurveda says the thickness of the twig should be the size of your little finger. Brushing includes cleaning the tongue as well.

As per Ayurveda, brushing is not recommended for those who are suffering from Vomiting, Breathlessness, Cough, Fever, Ardita( Bell’s palsy), excessive thirst, Mouth ulcers, Heart diseases, Eye diseases, Diseases of the head and ears. Reason- It can worsen the condition because back then, it was the twigs that were used for the brushing, and their taste and smell could trigger the issue. However, in current days and time, everybody has access to soft tooth brush and medicated tooth pastes/powders. 

Rasanjana( Collyrium)- The application of collyrium daily is best for avoiding any kind of eye disease. I remember my mom made it a routine to apply Kajal to my eyes everyday till I completed 10th grade. She never missed it a single day, no matter how busy the morning routine was. I remember running around the house to escape from that application, saying it burns a little initially. But she never let me leave home without it! This collyrium that we had in the house was always homemade. It was a tradition in my home( My granny’s home, which is a joint family) to prepare Collyrium as soon as one delivered a baby. I was also told that an auspicious day was chosen to prepare it with many herbs and butter. Am still reaping the benefits. My friends were amazed in my college days at how sharp my eyesight was, I could read from a distance that they all couldn’t read even though they had no vision issues too. Many were after me just to ask what I applied to my eyes to make it look so bright! I didn’t reveal the secret;) These days constant use of gadgets and using a laptop 8-10hrs a day has reduced my visual capacity and brightness. I do not apply collyrium now regularly, either. Yes, applying collyrium regularly can further extend your chance of developing cataracts early!

After Anjana(Collyrium/Kajal Application), one has to sniff(very gently and very little) medicated powders, one such example is Rasnadi Choorna, followed by Gandusha(filling the mouth with medicated oil and holding it for a few seconds and then spitting it out), then Smoking(Yes you heard it right! But not the tobacco smoking, it is medicated herbs which are burnt and its vapours/smoke to inhale) The best that can be used is Dry turmeric root, slightly burn one end of the root and gently inhale the smoke/vapour. 

Next to follow is, the eating of Tambula. Tambula( Here in is a mixture of Javitri, Jaiphal, Lavang, Edible Camphor, Peppermint, Kankol(Piper cubeba, Shital chini in Hindi) is suggested here to increase the appetite, and develop a liking for food. Tabula (one with betel leaves and areca nuts too) is however to be avoided in those suffering from Chest diseases, Pitta and Rakta vikaras such as mouth ulcers, stomach ulcers, and bleeding disorders, Malnourished individuals, Eyes diseases, Poisoning, Repeated fainting, Alcoholic individuals and Tuberculosis. The reason is these dravyas are Tikshna(Sharp), Ushna (hot in potency) can cause further aggravation of the issues.

Next in the list is Abhyanga( Oil massage)- Taking Abhyanga everyday will slow down ageing process, prevent fatigue, Vataja vikaras (such as arthritis, Paralysis, Spondylitis, Constipation etc), Provides Clear vision, Strengthen the body, Nourishes the body, Provides longevity, Gives sound sleep, Beautiful complexion and wrinkle-free, glowing, flawless skin [all ladies, attention please!!;)] Strengthens Musculoskeletal system. Ayurveda states, those who take Abhyanga everyday, will never be affected by any skin diseases!!

Abhyanga is best avoided in cases of indigestion, who have just undergone shodhana (Panchakarma), Cold cough and fever also immediately after a meal.

The next regimen in Dinacharya is Vyayama (exercise) — Vyayama increases one’s capacity to do any strenuous work, increases digestive power, helps in reducing weight, gives muscular stature and increases bone and muscle mass.

Who should not do Vyayama?- Small children ( until 16yrs{they anyway play outdoor games so they do not need any exercise routine} called balaka in Ayurveda and above 70yrs elderly individuals) and elderly, those suffering from Vataja and Pittaja vikaras (in the current Ayurveda series I shall briefly write about Vataja, Pittaja and Kaphaja Vikaras in upcoming posts).

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned doing exercises to half of one’s capacity. This means once you start to breathe from your mouth due to exertion, that indicates you have reached your limit(half of one’s capacity) that is, when you are indicated to stop, you will start sweating in the axilla (armpits), on the forehead, nose bridge, in between thighs, etc, and your mouth starts drying. This happens when the Vata element residing in the chest starts moving upwards towards the mouth. One has to exercise to half of one’s capacity during Hemanta Rutu (early winter), Shishira (Autumn) and Vasanta Rutu (Spring season), in other seasons, one has to do exercises even lesser than half the capacity.

Over-exercising can cause- Excessive thirst, Tuberculosis, Breathlessness, Bleeding disorders, Fatigue, Mental exhaustion, Cough, Fever and Vomiting.

Those who have had a regular exercise routine, if stopped abruptly, can cause Rheumatoid Arthritis, stiffness in thighs, Piles etc, in their old age.

“Vyayamajaagaradwastrihasyabhashyaadi sahasam I

gajam simha evakarshan bhajannati vinashyati II”

Excessive indulgence in Vyayama, Jagarana(staying awake at night), Maithuna, Margagamana(Excessive walking), laughing, speaking in a loud voice and adventurous activities or stunts causes irreparable damage to the person similar to that of a Lion who tries to pull the dead elephant with the desire of eating it, attains his end( death due to exhaustion). 

Dinacharya may take another two more posts to complete. Will see you all again in the next post:)

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