In the morning
I think of you
a path I take every day
past the mountains and the meadows
through the milky way it ends
at your fair and delicate feet

At noon
you can be surprisingly absent
unknown even
buried like a pumpkin seed
lost and stranded
amidst a row of cabbages
left to rot

By the afternoon
the honey of your name
has made its way to my lips
there’s much to say
but as the tired eyes rest
in the arms of a sweet mid-afternoon nap
you are forgotten once again

The balmy evenings
ushers in your thoughts
the day’s pace comes to a holt
like a giant wave crashes
and disappears in the sea
hidden in the heart of rushed evening prayers
is but a single desire
to eat my dinner in peace

Finally, it’s at night
when the house falls silent
and the furniture no longer creaks
a gentle flame
adorns you
in the mysterious shadow of the temple lamp
I fully give myself to you

As parrots fly homeward at twilight
the mind’s chatter too rests for the night
a higher self steps forward
it speaks to you
of you
it’s wiser than the years that have passed
it contemplates on life
marvels at its impermanence

Suddenly the darkness of the night
shines brighter
than the light of the day
it’s as if you’ve come alive
the cool moonlight falling through the glass
is you
the dark shadows in the house is you
everywhere is you
O Bhagwan…my heart is you