Hello! Hope everyone is doing great.
In the past few days working from home due to the infamous Mumbai rains, I found myself often distracted. Compared to working from office that is. Until yesterday, I used to dismiss it as a phase of boredom, or  not having enough work. Yesterday, finally I decided to try something different. Swamiji has mentioned in his “Book of Kindness” (and I concur) that if your wish is strong enough, nature has to respond in kind. I made a decision, a conscious choice to lead today with focus. To not let distractions overtake me and my desire to get work done. Just as Swamiji says, discipline is doing what you want, and not what the mind asks you to do. That is simply what I did. I had distractions. A lot of them. Just shifted my focus to the task at hand. Its almost the end of the day now, and I feel extremely powerful. I am exhausted, mentally but I feel like I have done something of immeasurable power by my own choice.

To everyone who is on the fence, just try it once. Just say to your mind, “Look my friend, I know its your nature to be fickle. I accept it. Its not good or bad, its just the way you are. Let it be. But I am not you. I will not follow you along. I have something that I need to do that is more important than checking random Reddit posts/ social media. So please, bother me sometime later.” . Your words maybe different. Depending on how far you are in your spiritual journey, these things will not bother you. Just like when your are sitting in an aeroplane, the traffic below appears beautiful in its own right, by rising above this traffic of thoughts, a strong focus rises. At the end of the day, I was tired, but I was tired knowing I have utilised the day well. I have become something better in these 24 hours. This feeling of fulfilment cannot be described in words, it has to be experienced. 

This was my choice. Go ahead, make yours. Peace and happiness to all. Thank you very much.