“One of those beautiful silent mornings welcomed our protagonist with an alarm, who was in the womb of Nidradevi (sleep personified)”.

“He groans and clicks the snooze button by opening his eyes uncomfortably. Then he pulls the blanket over his head to cover his entire body, keeps his knees close to the chest to avoid the cold weather and feels like an infant in the bed’s lap”.  

“When the alarm rings after the ten most lovely minutes, he stops it, wakes up with half-opened eyes and staggers to the water filter to drink water”.

“While taking bath, like a kid he occasionally plays with the jet of water dropping like rainfall from the showerhead.”

“He gets himself ready, take the laptop bag and walks out of his home.”

“In the bus, he observes a teenage boy hesitantly looking at a girl while she giggles along with her friends. This incident takes him back to his teens and reminds him of all the innocent love he experienced during that phase of his life.” 

“Anticipating to learn something new, he feels excited as he reaches his office. He feels like meeting his life partner while entering his cabin as he loves his job. Most of the day, he enjoyed his work and at one point he feels disturbed that too temporarily.”

“He takes care of the output and acts responsibly to make sure that his product reaches a certain level of perfection.” 

“In the evening, he feels tired of the day’s work and bade goodbye to everyone.”

“He reaches home, takes bath, spends some time reading books and then relaxes.”

“After dinner, he goes for a leisure walk for 15 minutes and enjoys his own company.”

“At night, he hits the bed and let himself gracefully into the night’s womb.”

After listening to the story, our prady kisses Shyam and says “I love you, papa”.

Every day is a new lifetime. Every hour is a new phase. Every minute is a new opportunity. Every second is a new beginning. 

Keep smiling always, if not often. Take care of yourself. 🙂 🙂 🙂