Today I am writing about a book by and about Great Saint “Maa Mani”

Maa Mani is a saint born in Bengal. The book in which his teachings , life and articles written by her are published is “माँ मणि : जीवन दर्शन एवम दिव्य लीला अनुभूतियां”

  • About this book:- 

In This book several Sanatana Dharma’s hidden secrets, spiritual sadhanas , Maa Mani’s  Spiritual cognition , self realisation stories i.e. how Bijoy Krishna Goswami’s Grace helped him realising his ultimate path are described. 

Words are less to describe such a book. 

Also I forget about गोपाल जी and his bond between Maa Mani . 😇

  • What is Special about this book?

Maa Mani dont want to write this book. But after self realisation, She has received instructions to write about her spiritual journey, various stories of his गोपाल जी and her grace , by his Guru Bijoy Krishna Goswami. He said since there are various fake Dharma’s are coming everyday , truth should also be known to seekers. 

  • How to get book? 

One can get book by Sushil Tambi ji about which I have mentioned in this Post. I myself got book by him only as this book (2 parts) is not available easily anywhere and wherever available they are charging very high fee.

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Special Thanks to Ramavtar Sharma ji for publishing such book for benefit of Hindi Readers as this is only published in bengali la language before.

  • Excerpts from book:- 

(Pg 125 1st part)

“आजकल चारों तरफ तरह तरह के संप्रदाय कि सृष्टि हो रही है, सब स्वार्थ से भरे और मिलावट से पूर्ण है। यह सब उपदेश (which are in book) पढ़कर जो लोग इस संसार में मायाबध होकर सत्यवस्तु को भूले बैठे है, वे जाग्रत होंगे। सर्वदा विचार करके कार्य करते क्रम से समझने कि शक्ति आती है। ” 

(Pg 90 2nd part)

“जीव का दुर्भाग्य है कि असली वस्तु ले ना सका। जो अस्थायी है (आज है , कल नहीं रहेगा) उसके पीछे दौड़ रहा है। अंत में हताश होकर , खाली हाथ लौट जाना पड़ेगा। भारत वर्ष तपस्या कि जगह है।”

जय श्री हरि ! 🙏🙏

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