Story of Mine….

I Rakhi….

It’s been almost a year, yet i remember those days when my brother used to read books on meditation and he used to watch videos as well on youtube and suddenly he saw one Video of our beloved Swamiji. We were not aware about Swamiji at that time .That was our destiny i would say.

He then purchased books of swamiji and suggested me to read book ” If truth be told”.
When i read that i was totally amazed.
“If Truth be told ” can be called as life-changing book!
It has transformed me and my life.

The days went by and after reading so many books. I considered him as my Guru, Mentor, God and everything. May be because of this one beautiful thing happened with me which i would like to share..

It was my Birthday and i thought i should send an email to our beloved swamiji to seek his blessings But i was having a lot of questions in my mind like… I haven’t been to Ashram yet and even haven’t met swamiji in-person then how would i get a reply ? Still i did an email and I still remember that day 30th of January at 07:15 PM I had a reply with the message of blessings and then i reached the pinnacle of happiness. That was the best birthday gift for me till date i would say.

The Days, months passed by and my eagerness for meeting swamiji grew.

Then in this April 2020 we planned to visit the ashram to get Swamiji’s blessings and due to lockdown this did not happen I hope this will happen soon and will get chance to see glimpses of our beloved swamiji.

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