I have been dealing with this void in me for a long time. I have some unanswered questions about life which I require to explore in my quest of knowing the truth. However, I feel like being caged and chained because my responsibilities towards my family don’t let me take the very first step, because if taken, I won’t return back without the answers.

My family has this luxury attached to my job profile, which is the one and only source and I also can’t think of depriving them of their future.

My wife is supportive of my quest, but since I am not Prince Siddhartha, we know that kids will face financial instability and crisis (unless I hit some jackpot or there is a miracle).

How can I glide out of this quandary to find my truth?

P.S. I would also like to share that I am not a religious kind of person but more of a spiritual kind. I am inquisitive, rebellious, straightforward, free of dogmas, loner,  rational and sometimes unreasonable, too. I am not yet ready to perform any kind of religious rituals and practices but I am more into learning to tap the consciousness.