Another day begins, another cup of tea resting on my table, waiting for me to get out of my thoughts & acknowledge her, yet today this day feels different, you know why? 

A string of memories as thoughts have came back today & came with it all the things that happened to me & everyone close to me remember it as “The day of encounter” , it’s been 14 year but i still remember everything vividly as if a polaroid camera captures the image, something similar is what my brain did. Aah! I still get goosebumps.

Yes! I remember it vividy if you have any doubts, every sound, every color, every scream, every light “All” In detail. 

If you found this monologue interesting, comment & I will share the whole story with os. me members. 

Don’t find me wrong, I am not some clever marketing guy, just somebody who have been misunderstood for quite some time & would like share my experience with people who are interested. 

With this I’ll be waiting! 

Your’s truly, 

Sahil Om 

May the mother be with all of us! 

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