Is not our life so comparable to a long drive on a road? A road which is sometimes bumpy, sometimes smooth, sometimes empty, sometimes jammed in traffic. And we all are the drivers of vehicles in different shapes and sizes. While some are driving big trucks and buses, some are driving beautiful exotic cars, some in old battered rickshaws, others on scooters and bikes. And each person has his/her own way and speed of driving….

Ever felt that strong surge of irritation when the car behind you keeps continuously honking loudly even when we are all caught up in a tight traffic jam, and there isn’t an inch to move in any direction? Hmmm, some persons are perpetual fault finders who keep yelling at everyone and everything around them. They don’t have the time or patience to wait, and are always in a hurry to reach a destination, when they don’t have a clue about what they are going to do once they actually reach there! But then, hold on… Don’t get judgemental… Maybe this person is really in some kind of an emergency, So always give this hurry-burry guy behind you the benefit of the doubt, and let him pass by.

Then there are the slow coaches who are slowly dragging along in their vehicle, and their very slowness makes you want to reach out for your horn and honk them into speed. While some give way, some others determinedly crawl in the middle of the road as if they won’t let anyone else go ahead of them. These people are the ones who won’t move on in life, and won’t let anyone around them move on either…they are hell bent on slowing down the very flow of life. 

Then there are the squeezers who manage to squeeze their vehicle through every tiny inch space that is available, and make their way forwards. These are the opportunists in life, who don’t let go any opportunity go waste. They are always looking out for new openings. 

Then there are the crazy speedsters who holler ahead at break-neck speeds, bringing your heart into your mouth. These are the risk-it-all types, who believe in living life for thrill. They don’t mind risking their or others’ lives, but live life for the sake of the thrill it gives them.

Then there are the rule-breakers, who don’t believe in obeying traffic rules. They make and break their own set of rules. These are the outlaws for whom the conventional rules laid down by the society don’t hold good. They are their own masters. But they many a time land into trouble for their unconventional ways.

Then there are the ambulance drivers who speed through the roads only to carry someone to safety. These are the people who live a selfless life for the sake of others, and they consider it their duty to put themselves at risk for saving someone else.

Then the majority are people like me, who do not come in the above categories but still take pride in believing themselves to be the “perfect driver”. Haa…the person who goes faster than me is over speeding, the one going slower is a slow coach. The one who stops his vehicle to allow me to take a turn is doing the right thing and the one who doesn’t stop is the most hard hearted cruel person in the world. If I stop for someone to take a turn, it’s my generosity, if not that person should realise that I am a really busy person already running late, so it’s  justified. 

So try to analyse what kind of driver you are? Is there something you could do so that you could become a better driver? 

And remember, accidents can happen at any time of your drive! So be as alert (meaning mindful) as possible to avoid big accidents. Still if you get a few scratches on your vehicle, it’s ok, as long as you are safe. 

And what about Swamiji? He has already arrived. So He is Google Map, guiding us all to reach our destinations. Sometimes we take the wrong turns, but then he always helps us reroute and find our way. 

So, please tell me in your comments below, what kind of a driver are you?

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