First of all I bow πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ down to the Divine who is an infinite ocean of existence-knowledge, and bliss. Second my infinite pranams at the lotus feet of Guru who is one with the Supreme, Third salutations to all the saints and sages who are one with him, then let my heart have reverence for each and every creatures of this universe and beyond who is an expression of divine alone, and last but not the least, My pranams at the feet of all of you here who are so lovingly devoted to Swamiji.

Thursday evening, I was looking at Lord’s form and was thinking how my imperfect eyes can only behold his physical beauty and unable to grasp the true nature of Lord, and then I laughed at even attempting that thinking how can a drop measure the depth of an ocean, a drop can at maximum know the quality of an ocean by knowing its own quality. So, I went back to Sadhana to find that communion. This bhajan below is an outcome of this seed of thought. Hope you all will enjoy this and forgive me for any errors in singing and see the beauty of divine alone.

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Lyrics and English Translation :

Aisa kya keh doon mein prabhuji,

What can i say to describe your infinite glory,

Jo kabhi kaha na jaaye,

That can never be desired in its entirety,

Shabda bhi tum ho, Artha bhi tum ho,

Words come forth out of you, and the thoughts can be fathomed by your presence alone,

Tum hi tum chahon dishayein,

You alone seem to exist everywhere;

Dhai Akshara naam ke tere,

These two and half alphabets of your name,

Itne sushobhit paayein,

I find them the most beautiful,

Jaise ki samsara basa ho,

as if the entire universe is encapsulated,

Ek amalaka mein samaaye,

in your name like taste in gooseberry;Β 

( the significance of gooseberry is its resemblance with crown chakra, the point of bindu out of which the entire creation came forth);

Aisa kya sun loon mein prabhuji,

What can I hear that justify your infinite glory,

jo kabhi suna na jaaye,

That can never be heard by these material ears,

Raag bui tum ho, doves bhi tum ho,

All that I seems pleasant to ears is you, and the unpleasant too is you alone,

Tum hi tum chacon dishaayein,

You alone seem to exist everywhere;

Prem ke sur, murli ke tere,

The musical notes of love that flows from your flute,

Itne sushobhit paayein,

I find them the most beautiful,

Jaise ki naraayani khud hi,

As if the supreme goddess herself in the form of music ,

Ek bansi mein samaaye,

is coming out of the flute,

Aisa kya dekhoon mein prabhuji,

What I can say in your creation O’Lord,

tujhse judaa jisse paayein,

That is separate than you,

Jadh bhi tum, chetan bhi tum ho,

You alone are the one dwelling in the inanimate and the living beings,

Tum hi tum tum chahon dishaayein,

You alone seem to exist everywhere;

Kahin tum jaaye,

You were born at one place,

Kahin palaaye,

And you were raised at another place,

Kahin tum rang sunaaye,

And you played your flute again somewhere else,

Janam bhoomi koi,

Your birthplace is different,

Karma bhoomi koi,

You place of action is different,

Kan-Kan raas rachaayein,

and why not? You alone are the material, instrumental and effective cause, playing numerous leelas everywhere.


Since You alone seem to exist everywhere, So I just chant your name alone and relish the bliss of entire universe chanting those names.

Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna,

Govinda Krishna, Govinda Krishna, Govinda Krishna!!!

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