On Friday 13th August, I read this absolutely mind blowing post by Dr Divya Pai. The post was titled The song of A Little Drop and the idea was so beautiful that it left a deep imprint on me. Please do go ahead and read it, before carrying on with this post. I couldn’t help myself and decided to write a post about her post, in the hope that she won’t mind. Read it yet? Yes? So, let’s keep going.

As she beautifully reminded us, every drop we drink, every bite we eat, everything we touch- all of these have travelled far and wide, for the longest time before reaching us. Millions of years worth of energy is present in anything we eat, any sip of water and almost anything we touch. Heck, even we are like the drop. Imagine the long journey our soul must have travelled to be here today, in a human body. Contemplating on all this, seems to instil some sense of responsibility in us. 

Doesn’t it seem like we have a duty to pay our respect and bless all the food we eat, and water we drink? As humans, we have the intellect to be mindful and offer each morsel to the divine and as Swami says, anything offered is blessed. In everything we do, through our ability to think of the divine and offer to the divine, we have access to thousands of lives and millions of energy sources. Think of the one drop in Divya’s post and multiply it endlessly to equate the amount of food and liquid we consume. It’s almost insane.

As Swami says in this beautiful discourse here, when Nature gives power to an entity, it’s his/her duty to help and protect the weak. Each drop of water we drink, if it remains in us, it becomes a part of us. Our body is verily a temple, an ancient temple made of eternal energy. We can love everything and everyone whom we cross paths with. Isn’t it amazing?

We have this ability to act in a most befitting way to serve this universe, to be an asset for the universe and not a nuisance. Can we take a step, and mindfully do our activities. Can we realise the value in all that we do, eat, drink, say, think and all whom we interact with? These are the questions which invaded my mind after reading that most beautiful post.

As for the journey of the drop which Divya expounded on, as I read through it, I replaced drop of water with ‘the soul’. And I bet you did too. Imagine all the elements, and all the potential paths, the infinite possibilities of where we could’ve ended up.

Yet, oh yes, yet!! This is where we ended up. Yes. This. In the most beautiful place, and most beautiful, safest refuge. Isn’t it then our duty to pay back our luck with immense gratitude through our conduct, and using our gift of humanity i.e. intellect, mind, love and compassion, for the highest good? I, me lord, think we sure should:) 

And off I go to drink some water mindfully, for only the Lord knows where it has been – mountains, waterfall, stream, ice, river, cloud and rain again, down those steep mountains, touching beautiful flowers on its way, washing away thousand year old rocks, to travel through waterfalls, and on and on and on… for me to enjoy a beautiful satisfying sip now.

What was I saying? Oh yes, am off to drink some water! 

Have you ever wandered that far, I mean wondered that far? Or maybe I should say: Have you also wondered have far we have all wandered?:)