A father’s blessings to his daughter for a happily married life and that message applies for our sons as well.
“Congratulations dear for finding your true love. May this love grow stronger and deeper through each passing day of your married life!
Take responsibilities for your choices yet always perceive everything in life as a blessing.
In my eyes you have been the perfect gift, yet I wish you to keep a few lessons in mind which will help you throughout.
Life isn’t perfect, but with a positive attitude, you can always look at the imperfections in a perfect way.
I wish you the ability to deal with the thorns,rather than pray that your life be a bed of roses only.
I would rather equip you both with the ability to sail your boat well, rather
than praying for your boat to be in a sea of no waves
To strive for what is missing and yet be grateful for whatever you have.
Apologize for your mistakes, express gratitude whenever you feel something good has happened and solve your problems with maturity and calmness. Take composed actions rather than ruin things with uncontrolled reactions.
Give more, expect less, accept unconditionally. No two people have to think alike, respect the differences and live each moment with joy and grace.

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