When I look at You

…the lush green landscape behind

Your tawny eyes

the fiery robe

the colour of the midday sun upon your face

that golden smile

shy and bold

the mysterious trees

guarding you against threats unseen

the gentle shade of their fluttering leaves

I know

I share Mother Nature’s joy

in serving you a feast

of quietude, of solitude.

The whole of nature whirls around You

And yet, nothing is more peaceful

than the moment in which You, O Lord

bask in your creation

humble yet, proud

a solitary figure

tugging at my heart…

If it’s possible to bless You, Bhagwan

then may every grain of goodness

nourish your mighty form

from the high heavens to the skies

You are the primordial sound.

Oh you must take me with you wherever You go

In whichever shade You sit

from whichever creak You draw a sip

make me a blade of grass

a drop of water

for where else does devotion lie

If not in your glorious feet, O lord?

note: That which nourishes the soul is neither word nor sound, it’s silence alone that quietens all doubts. 

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