A feeling so natural

A feeling so unknown

A feeling so different

A feeling so rare

A feeling so rare

A feeling so strange

I don’t know, what is this conveying…

Is this feeling trying to tell

An occurrence of a event

Have something beautiful meaning

I am unable to gauge

Revolving inside me 

Making me unconscious

Feeling out of world

Sitting among many…

I don’t know what this feeling 


Making my shivering core

Calm inside

I please God

To grant me the wisdom

Understand this feeling

Somtimes, I feel it to be beautiful

Somtimes, I feel it to be loving

Somtimes, I feel it to be sacred

Somtimes, I feel it is shaking me

A feeling so unknown

I don’t know what it is…. 

But, I know it’s showing

Signs of positivity

Directing me towards good

O! God tell me what it is….

God answered my question

where something went wrong in life

Feeling inside, God trying 

Something to tell..

And which I know what it is…

It is an end of bad times

And Beginning of new life

Dawn is approaching with open doors

Beginning of Good times ahead

Bad time ended on the same note, as it started…

I am happy that it has ended

Will start afresh

Wearing a beautiful smile on my face

Rejoicing my being

So, is the omen of arrival of Good times…

A feeling so strange, which taught

Lesson to be calm inside

Have faith in your abilities

and in yourself…..

A word to note

Work Hard 

Determination in your Heart

Faith in yourself

And believe me…Success is your

So be cheerful 

Be confident

Be content

Everything will be good now on..

Have Faith in yourself and God

I say to myself

God bless me

And I love you…..

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

P.S. Thank you os.me family for reading and encouraging me. It really fills me with warmth and confidence. keep encouraging.