Whenever I contemplate the meaning of life, I am reminded of the deepest depression that I faced.
The moment I came back to life, after it, was the biggest realization.
But to know how it happened and what made it happen to me, was the challenge that I kept facing always.
Here I wish to articulate it in few words.

In a simple friendship with a new person, I discovered my self.
The most challenging aspects of my personality began uncovering from the depths of memories and all kinds of emotions surfaced.
I wanted to hide them all and show some attractive beautiful aspects of myself but as it happened, I couldn’t.
I had to be that I was. If angry then so.
If sad then so.

It was a duration of intense fears. I thought I am not getting along well with the new person. I thought I would loose this friendship.

But as time went by, one day I was told by him after my period of silence that Hey, are you still trying to get angry or upset and are you still trying to take me out of your life?

I was just wondering. Can I ever do this?
I laughed at my own fight with myself and I realized that my fear of being not adequate was so big. Yes that was the depression.
Will you be my mother? Doing

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