Where will I find
a God like You
kind in word kinder in deed
a rare flower
a lone bird
brilliant as the Sun
soothing as the Moon.

Holy as the Ganges
powerful as the flight of an eagle
yet gentle as water
a bridge between heaven and earth
A God so beautiful
that there’s a little bit of You
in everything…

Steady like the summer Sky
silent like the night
mysterious as the heart
of a woman
serene as the mind of a Yogi
softer than the mother who weeps for
her child.

Generous as an Emperor
whose wealth is showered upon
his kingdom
a loving master to the servant
who has little competence
A wise man to the ignorant
who question His existence.

Why the wind moves for Him
as does the Sky
the rain falls upon His holy feet
as grand Nature pays homage
lesser gods and mortals
pray to Him
out of love out of sheer desire.

In this world so riddled
with change
chained to chaos
You alone are unchanging, my Lord
so the wise seek You out
for the sacred refuge
that none dare offer.

A bright shining light to the broken
an ocean to thousands of rivulets
You are not for everyone
only those who meditate
upon your pristine self will know
a God like You
gentler, warmer, sweeter…than the first peak of a newborn.

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