A Bonfire!

ūüĒ• Fire Fire Fire! the Garden¬† was Engulfed by All,¬†

 No exception to Big and Small!

Even Rocks were Burned with  Twigs,

Trees were tossed in flames and  Grigs!


Water left its faithful composition!

Hydro , Oxi  distanced themselves,  stayed in Isolation, 

Birds Chirped  with those Bustling Flames, 

They flew! 

All flew across the Rattling River Dens, 


A Black  Hawk appears in Distant Sky!

Closes to a low Azimuth plane at lower High, 

Screams concealing  his Savage Eyes,  

¬†” Amigo, Call me your Own Friend Call me Your Light !”¬†


Come O! Hold my Claw Your Grief shall here End”!

¬†“O Here is Pleasure, Here is Bliss !”

” Take shelter with under my¬†¬†Unguis”¬†

” O! Come find my Shining Unguis!”¬†

Incidentally,  He sees One Small Sparrow concealing  in a bush!

He says ” O! Shining¬† Sapphire hold my ankush!”

I Will give you Cove ! I will give you  Love!  I will name you Dove! 

The Little¬† sparrow looks at its¬† Wing’s Extension,¬†

Half burnt and Half Withering in Laceration!


With Winching eyes It  looks at the far Skies!

All But his Pals had left to greater Highs!

He felt rejected! He felt misery! 

He moans¬† in Pain ” O Divine There!¬† What is thy Play? WHY¬† Somewhere is this Fire! Somewhere that Incessant Rain¬†?”

” O! Divine There.”¬†

The Hawk was waiting for this act, 

He comes closer to The Bird, He knew, ” the Little” won’t Counteract!

He Grasps and takes “the little” intact”!

Asks fondly ” Are You All Alone?”

” Can I call you a Doove?”

” Would You mind If I adorn you in my Luxury Abode?”¬†

” Your Wings looks Glittering O Darling¬† Sapphire!”

The Sparrow didn’t protest,

The Hawk Smiled Mincingly! 

He throws ‘it‘ in a Dark Eyrie,

That  was Frightening and Eerie!

But Still! 

The sparrow kept faith in the Divine!


Come what by! I won’t be slumbering and Die!¬†

The Hawk leaves an ugly smirk!

Says, Poor Fool!  I shall rip your little tail coverts!

Wait ! I shall add another dolt  to my Converts! 


That was a Dark Dark ūüĆí¬† Night!¬†

A Feline was hidden in woods and out of Sight!

Hawk flew to catch another flight!

The Feline was reeling under  hunger since Daylight !

The Hawk returns with Another ” Luggage

The Feline Creature leaps into the Dark Bon Voyage! 

Ah! With one jolt The Hawk was Caught!

It was dragged ruthlessly down the Bark! 

Two Weeks thus passed by, 

One Morning  the little  Sparrow flies to some safer heights!

That  Morning was so Bright Gleaming with Radiance and Lights! 

Radiance and Lights!

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