A topic not for promotion , a topic not for earning but an interaction with the people who think that life is just from 9 to 5 , you wake up and then take a shower , get ready and go to the office with that burden of   work .

You went to the office and see’s your angry boss face and a huge bundle of files which you had to complete and sent to your boss table …. 

 Then you come home and the family says , how was your day … My line :- Nothing special , boring … then you have your child and your responsibility becomes double and the burden becomes triple ….. Is our life just for this only ….

 In our life something is missing , we are bound to the things we have but what about the things we don’t have . That’s quite simple to say that we people are self centred on limited sources . Everyone is busy in their life, from a child to an adult and from an adult to an old man . But one thing is there which is similar between everyone that if we are living than why we are screaming , shouting , crying , and emotionally dying.

what is your purpose of life, 

Everyone thinks about the grudges they have in their life especially if we talk about siblings.

They always stretch towards their family members and never ever think about the future of the coming generation that what they are getting from their parents. Their life always revolves around their strategies and evil thinking, but let us pay attention to what God says to us.

why you are here, why god makes you .

 God says my child you are that part of me in which i live , i send you here for a purpose not to be sad ….

Life is so much bigger than your vision. Our masters have lived here for millions of years in the deep caves of Himalaya and the Ganges . I am not a Saint nor a God but a friend who wants you to be strong…

  Everything in life is just so simple if you understand the circle in which you are bound and the circle God has made for you. 

Whenever you are sad or depressed, just think, “Where is your real smile ?? 

I mean what is that one thing or that person from whom you get the smile.… Why are you people so addicted to the problem you have , just think about that … 

Happiness is a feeling , you have to change your mind not your mind to change you…

Let us talk more about the fact that we all are fighting and fighting , taking advantage of someone , hurting someone , but have you ever thought that when you hurt someone karma does it to you itself . Actually no one can hurt people but it depends upon the person how he takes it . We need to find small joys from our family to live a better and happy life . We always think about the problem only but not about what we have inside us .

Limitation and limitation, everywhere there is irritation. There should be a creation for the sake of our nation . They jump in the pond and not in the ocean .Where is the creation , where is the creation? 

 If there is Creation then where is the innovation …. When people are dumb they only jump , Deep in the problems and lose their motion.

Let us share a short motivational story about how we can solve our obstacles in our life. 

There was a lady who was having 2 daughters who were married with two middle class workers . The first one was married to the umbrella seller and the second was married to the farmer

They were not so rich and the mother of those two girls always thought about her girls life . Whenever it was raining she became sad and thought about her girl ,how she will survive as her crops will not remain stable in this weather . And whenever there are sunny days she gets depressed about the other one girl whose husband’s livelihood depends upon umbrella selling .

She became sad and sad all the time . After a few days someone gives her advice that you try to be happy when there is a rainy day , you feel happy to think about your second one daughter and when it is a sunny day you make yourself happy to think about the first one girl . In this way she overcomes her sadness and by this story one should take lessons and implement on their own life .

 We need some motivation to make ourselves more potential . We have to be calm for the better growth of our family and life .

Author – Luv Sarpal