Healthy lifestyle is something that everyone needs.There would be plenty amongst us who would not give damn about it,but at some point of our life we all realise it’s importance.So what is included in this.Everything that we perform in our daily routine is included in this ranging from getting up early in the morning to sleeping early at night.Yes , everything that we do to keep our health optimum is included.

First of all,Try to wake up early.You make the sun wake up rather than Sun waking you.Make it a habit and if possible offer water to Sun daily.Then have a healthy breakfast after bathing,perform your daily chores according to daily schedule.Have a healthy lunch with lots of fibre and vegetables.Dinner should be light and preferably eaten 2 hours before sleeping.A mild walk after dinner is suggested.Drink atleast 2-3 L of water daily.Perform daily exercises or walk.Running is best.Eat according to your calorie limit.Limit sugar and salt intake.And don’t forget to meditate daily.Yes go on and live the life to the fullest.Laugh and make others laugh.Live a cheerful life.Live each day as a blessing.


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