The moment I made an ugly face and uttered few words of criticism, mindfulness made me realise my mistake.

My better half loves doing cutting/ chopping.  Its he who often creates a beautiful, colourful, tasty, salad plate with lots of variety.  So far so good. But, the irritation sets in when half of the vegetables and fruits go into garbage tray. He would just peel away half of the stuff, no matter how costly the fruit is. Sometimes I segregate what can be sent for cow feeding or even for my own consumption. Still a large amount goes waste. Almost 50% of the quantity is peeled off  as waste.

Today  I saw that the  cooked vegetable was very very less in quantity, all courtesy his such big hearted, lavish, kingly method  of peeling. 😊

My reaction was of criticism.  Although in a slow voice, yet choice of words was not like of a disciple of Swamiji. Immediately I felt my mistake. I talked with myself.

“When Newton’s pet dog Diamond mistakenly burnt the papers containing  all his many year’s  hard work , Newton just said, “O dear! Do you even realise what have you done?” He didn’t yell at him, didn’t utter bitter words……and got back to his work all the way afresh, from zero.  Diamond had accidently stepped over a burning lamp while Newton was away. This resulted in small fire that consumed all his research papers. Such a great damage and loss yet Newton maintained his cool. Simply amazing 🙇🏼‍♀️

(Swamiji  once shared Newton’s anecdote in a discourse, some 4-5 years back, I think.)

So, madam Anu, can’t you be a bit more courteous!!!!! So what if some one can’t change his deep rooted habits, so what. Can’t you change yours?  Can’t you become 100% mindful, so that whatever little bitterness still springs up, may be doused completely? 

This is how I reached at today’s learning and taking a wow to not utter even one word of criticism, now onwards. A better option would be to praise him again and again and again for the beautiful, healthy plate of salad, while totally ignoring the down side.

Am purposely  sharing this here as a reminder to myself. I do read my own writings every now and then 🤗.

Sharing it with parivaar makes me feel  answerable. Yes, its like a reign on my monkey-donkey mind🤗.

Kindly bear with me if my writings bore you a bit. Afterall,  its a RAK to read boring stuff and still sharing an encouraging  comment, as you all keep encouraging me.💞💞💞

Hari bol…….

Jai Shri Hari