I fold my hands in prayer on this Guru Purnima. 🙏🏼

I am very humbled to have received such encouraging and warm comments on my first post. I can go on writing on how grateful I am to be here, to be able to share my thoughts and to know they are being read. I have always struggled to convey my thankfulness in precise words. Thank you all of you, really 🙏🏼

Part 1

Part 2 begins :

There is a little struggle in explaining my choices to people, most of the time I just joke away that I do not need substance use to become high. That I am high on happiness and life. Sidenote: I have a big time sweet tooth (I just gulped a MilkyWay mini while typing, God bless my eating habits! I wrote a whole new post on this here). I enjoy being social, meeting friends, going out, making food for them. My choices are not always in line with the company I keep. The good thing is, they have accepted me so well, just as how I have taken them in.

I find myself somewhere between falling for late night birthday parties, farewells, celebrations or having fun unlimited and wanting to lead a simple, balanced and meaningful life. I have friends on both the extremes and they are all dear to me. So, I am juggling to find the right balance while they try to bring me on one side. I realize these are fruits of having an untamed and indecisive mind. I can not say a plain ‘No’ to anyone and that adds to me having a lot on my plate while having no time for self. I have stated the problem in hand, well one of the problems.

I can not begin to thank the Almighty for giving me a home where praying, spirituality, righteousness, health, education and life lessons were given utmost importance. It is because of my family that I have inclination towards spirituality. They have played a big role in my lifestyle choices. I am equally grateful to my dear friends who pushed me to act now, in the moment. Who introduced me to os.me family and Om Swami ji. I am at a stage where I know I need changes in my life. I need to make more efforts to become a better individual. While I get there slowly like a snail, I am engaging in things such as writing this post to make a bigger switch eventually.

There is a part 3 for sure, I am verbose, no denying that fact.