Please accept my sastang pranam at your lotus feet dearest Swamiji.

Today’s topic is inspired by Manas Misra Sir’s Heart to Heart conversation in our case! Yes, there are a lot of heart to heart, eye to eye, mind to mind conversations between me and my girlfriend turned wife Sanghamitra. Yes, like Manas Sir’s case, Sanghamitra is the first person who reads my blogs, of course after posting them 😉. Then sometimes the heart to heart conversation loses the ‘t’ in heart 😉 and becomes – yes, you guessed it right heat to heat conversation, not in fighting mode, but in love mode. You need to be in love to understand what I am trying to convey!

Yeah, its way too tough to marry a girl who is a banker at the same time. You earn and she wipes 😉. Let me explain one instant to elucidate. On a pay day as I received my salary slip, my colleagues were checking their bank balance to confirm that whether the amount has been credited or not. Unfortunately, my computer had some problem. So, I logged in one of my friend’s computer to check. I am actually very poor at remembering passwords. By the time my colleague opened SBI User Log in site, I ran helter-skelter to check the password. Fortunately, I recalled.

Then I entered my credentials and proudly looked at the credited fat figure. But no, immediately I got an update that Rs. 80,000 has been debited and your account balance stands at back to square of the initial value. My colleagues were surprised, but not me. They asked me to check for any fraudulent transaction. But, all I did is call to my dearest wife. My seniors put the phone in speaker mode and enjoyed my plight. As a banker, she got the info that amount has been credited and as per the standard budgetary allocation, allocated the amount under various heads of assets and liabilities and the money got transferred.

My colleagues were astonished at the speed of the swift operation of emptying account 😉. I was nicknamed as an employee who earns money but does not get the opportunity to spend it though the truth is far from it, Aai sapath 😉. There are no such restrictions on my spending, but the only string attached is, proper justifications as per strict auditing norms. If one packet of oil is in stock at kitchen store and one more is bought by mistake, then begins the heart to heart conversation “Why are you blocking the money un-necessarily?”

What, blocking the money? It is a required item and will not go bad over a period of time. But that amount could have been spent on something which had higher priority in the list of my sweetheart like honey or ghee or Sahil’s Olympiad book. I would say, “But we still have money to procure the same.” But the reply would come,” If money is there would you spend it recklessly?” Swamiji rightly said in his latest video yesterday, “Do not seek advice from a woman if you are a man and do not argue with your wife, it’s an already lost game 😉”.

The heart to heart conversation began early in our love life when I would be late for Physics Practical and my girlfriend would not let my hand drift from her. Professors would be passing by and I would be sitting like a joker 😉. The moment I would say,” I have to go to the Practical class, reply would come at light speed “You alone are studying, I am just passing time, huh! (eventually she proved herself right by clinching MSc Statistics gold medal and I finished fourth like Milkha Singh in MSc. Physics and getting the tana for the entire lifetime; ☹” Then my hand will be thrown like a projectile to land somewhere in Syria or Palestine!

When proposal comes to sit in the University Park, I would be afraid of somebody seeing us together and would appraise my father with sufficient masala as he worked in the Administrative Block of the same university. So, most of the time, I would be afraid of that and remain diverted with hmm, yeah, I love you type statements. Then starts the heart to heart conversation- “you are not mindful (Yes, I was not mindful). You are telling all these words superficially / artificially. You really do not enjoy my company.” Are, Madam ji, if the Senior Nanda ji came to know about it, I would not be able to withstand his company, let alone enjoy😉! Why don’t you understand my predicaments?”

One fine day, she declared enough was enough, stormed to Sr. Nanda’s (my father) section and confirmed (read as confronted😉) that she was in love with me and wanted to marry me. Before that she wanted permission to sit in park with me and go to movies. And we went to watch the movie Fanaa! My protection was one of my friends who works as a Scientist in the Department of Atomic Energy. He was like “Why did you bring me like a kebab mein haddi?”  

I never took her to any hotel (to dine, nothing else!) when we were unmarried love birds unlike lovers in general. I think this itself is a big topic and needs another blog. I will write down in details.

Now I am writing some instances when our heart to heart conversations ignite:

1.       When I am asked to bring half kilo chicken and I bring one kilo chicken 😉

2.       When she meticulously makes a list of items to be brought for the month’s grocery and I leave the list back at home😉

3.       When I am instructed to take the phone while going out and it is found that my phone is sitting on our nice sofa😉.

4.       When we visit to doctor for follow up action and I forget to bring the previous prescription even if repeated reminder by Sanghamitra 😉.

Many more are there which I cannot go on listing here…!

I think I have already set up the platform for a really heart to heart conversation this evening😉. Plz wish me luck!

Thank you all.

Jai Swamiji and Jai Shri Hari…


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