It was such a content evening. I was sitting with my laptop in rapt attention in a 7-pointed concentration. I observed my mind as the thoughts emerged. A dozen at a time. Watch CNN or BBC, read Wall Street Journal or Times of India, nap or answer work emails, Virat or Dhoni.

As I brought my attention back, I realized the question that was more central to me right now. Chai or coffee. Before I could go deeper into the thought and peel away the layers to arrive at the core of this thought (that is, who will make it), I heard someone walk into the room.

Neerja walked in and settled in the couch nearby. She didn’t say anything which meant she had a lot to say.

I waited.

She began – “I read your blogs”

I knew what was coming. I tried to fill the airwaves with my compassion, love and empathy. That should certainly smoothen the edges.

“oh just some scribblings, we should go out this evening”

“You remember when you bunked classes and I had to make notes for you as well and fill your name in the attendance sheet and whenever the Professors asked, I had to come up with stories on how you have a stomachache, that dog ate your homework, how your bike ran away on its own…”

“but listen, listen..”

“…and everyone said – he is too young and I said that no, he is the one and how my Father said I should settle down with someone older who has been working for a while and I wouldn’t listen to anyone…”

“but listen, listen..”

“…and then you had to work in all these different countries and so many cities and I had to pack and unpack so many times and I never complained and how I listened to your cribbing about your bosses all  the time and then you had to start all this meditation stuff…”

“but listen, listen..”

“…and now you come up with all these theories of this world and that world and mind and matter and sub conscious and super conscious and visible and invisible and chakra and kundalini and vibrations and time travels and past life and future life and we ask for a normal conversation and you talk about synchronicity and super string and…”

“but listen, listen..”

“…and what are you doing while I am talking with you?…”



“I am typing the next blog”


Post Script: I am told that sleeping on floor is good for your back. I will report on the truth of it next week.