I’m really excited today because I got my first, one year premium os.me membership today! And guess what I did first, I ran to the comments section of my previous posts and cherished reading each and every one of your lovely comments. 

I joined os.me as a free member, in late October last year. I had finally found an online platform full of spiritually inclined and like minded people. Os.me felt like my spiritual family. My innermost thoughts and spiritual side which I have carefully safeguarded all these years from anyone and everyone around me, found expression through my blogs. I cannot thank all of you enough for being so encouraging, kind and non-judgmental in the comments section. All of you nice human beings have truly imbibed Swami’s teachings and are spreading love, light, and kindness through your words and actions. 

After writing one or two blogs, I understood how the platform functioned and how the karma program worked. (I also want to thank the editorial team for featuring some of my posts. It was really encouraging.) I was really glad to know that I could one day become a premium member using os.me earnings. Being a student, I haven’t earned a single rupee in my entire life. My first earning of 143 rupees came from os.me in November. I know, it’s not a huge amount but it made me really happy. Afterall, it was my first earning.

According to my calculations, the pace at which I was writing blogs and receiving interactions on my blog, it would have taken me about 1 year and 2 months to get a paid membership but to my utter surprise, the new QnA section was introduced. My interactions with other members on the QnA forum increased my karma points manifold and with my regular blog posts, I got my membership within a mere 5 months instead of the initially estimated 14 months. If this isn’t grace, I don’t know what is! And it was totally worth the wait.

While reading the comments today, I was overwhelmed to see all the love, encouragement and kindness. I was thoroughly surprised as well, to see that some of the os.me writers whom I admire have commented on my post. I also had my little fan girl moment when I saw Sri Devi ji’s comment on one of my posts because I really look up to her. And last but not the least I want to thank Meeraji for consistently reading all my posts and commenting such sweet words. To all those who I did not name, please know that each and every word you said, really mattered to me. All of you are soo sweet, I think I might get diabetes from reading your comments. 

Thank you so much everyone for everything. 

Alright, I am done gushing over how wonderful this platform is and how amazing its members are (for today atleast). Hope I didn’t bore you a lot. Thank you for reading this post and giving me your precious time. See you soon! 🙂

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