Today I took Mom for annual Check up and the first stop was the Diagnostic centre, we were here for a ultrasound. As we were waiting for our turn I was monitoring people and patients here.



1. Some were happy to be mother’s 

2. Some were worried unwed females.

3. Some newly married 

4. Some old age struggling with the phase of life. 

5. Some mid life patients 

6. Some young kids 

The list goes on. 


The point here was that we at every season of our life have to face ups and downs. 

Some happy moments some sad. 

The one person who caught my attention was a 21 year old young pregnant wife, who was being accompanied with her friend could not talk. She was not able to understand a single word and was not able to communicate. Surprised 🙀 me too.

But the calmness and the smile on her face was something unmatched. She was content and smiling like an angel.

What made me feel was she had accepted the fact and she was at complete peace with her state, something we all want to experience. A tender age of 21, expecting a baby in coming months, how would be her life , how would she love this life. 

But trust me the content I saw in her eyes was just Wao. 


Sorry for grammar mistakes and spelling as typed it on mobile.