I got down at the railway station of my native place a few days back. As I have got the reservation in S 1 coach, I had to walk a long way from the the platform to reach the entrance/exit of the station. The train halts for just 2 minutes at our place so, I got down a couple of seconds after it has halted. Even after two minutes, I am more or less at the same spot, hardly a few feet ahead. What happened during these two minutes is not the concern of this story. However, if you are interested to know about it, read it till the end. Just kidding. 

I was walking besides the train while it had just started. I didn’t know that a story is about to unfold in front of me. As I was walking on the platform, I saw a middle-aged, stout man running on the platform towards me or opposite the moving train. He was yelling at a stout lady who was standing near the train door. Out of panic, the lady jumped out of the train and fell down. The people nearby gasped and she stood up with a worried face. As the train was moving slowly, it seemed she didn’t experience any serious injury. Now, I was walking beside them and the train was slowly moving beside me. I heard the lady tell the man that all their luggage and money was inside the train. Judging by their language, I understood that they didn’t belong to our state. The man jogged ahead of me as his own body weight and age was not allowing him to run faster. He was in a confused state: whether to run faster, catch the train and take hold of their belongings or to stay back and take care of the lady. In this conflict of thought, he moved a few paces ahead while looking back at her, who was now slowly walking towards him. In the meanwhile, the train passed ahead of me and the man. Now, he and the train are ahead of me and she is behind me. 

I wondered how this couple will manage getting to their destination as they had lost all the money and their belongings. Another thought came to my mind that what if they have children and they are left out inside the train. My train of thoughts came to an end when the train halted a few meters ahead of me. With a slight relief, the man beckoned vigorously to the lady to come quickly. She crossed me and reached the guy and they entered the train. Then, the train glided beside me while I ambled towards the exit. I had seen their relieved faces before turning away from the train. I reached my exit gate and while I was walking out, soft orange sun rays fell on my smiling face. I felt happy that I witnessed an act of kindness in the early hours. 

Thank you my dear reader for reading this post. Keep smiling often and take care of yourself.

P.S: Please don’t ask me what happened during the two minutes in the comments. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Having said that, I am thankful to God for what happened during those two minutes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written this post.