If you are a learner, perhaps there has never been a better time that now. It is time when we have access to pretty much anything we want to learn about. 

Language is fascinating. Isn’t it incredible how we learn language, how we interact with others and the world through language? Few years ago I really enjoyed learning some of the basics of French and Spanish on the Duolingo app. It was such a fun experience, I don’t know why I didn’t continue. 

I stumbled upon the Great Courses a while back and the nice thing is that you can really deep dive into a topic. I took a course on East Asian religions by an expert professor from UNC and another course or two on history. They have it on audible and I absolutely enjoyed the immersive experience. I also took some interesting courses on Coursera on philosophy, finance, blockchain, religion and more. It’s incredible to be able to access the same level of knowledge that would otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars at Universities. 

In my first year of college, I even learnt how to play the piano, there was one in the dorm building I lived in. It’s all on youtube. I can remember 3 songs I learnt to play, I felt pretty good. Although a few times someone from the front desk would come and ask me to stop as it was quiet hours after 10 pm. 🙂 I think if I had perhaps learnt it from a perspective of appreciating music versus trying to impress others, I might have done better. Nonetheless, no regrets 🙂 

I’ve also learnt a lot from my mother in this regard. She turned out to be outstanding in running a business. But she only started after my dad passed away unexpectedly. I think some of her amazing experiences have been in the years she ran the hydro power construction business in a male dominated industry. Nobody expected her to do so well, she earned a lot of respect in the family and community which has meant a lot to her. 

The one thing I wish I had done more of is acting on my ideas and thoughts rather than spending a lot of time just thinking about it. Just figuring out a way to take action, just getting started, even if it’s trying a new cuisine, taking a different road or listening to different music. 

It’s through an attitude of being open to learning that we might stumble upon or discover our passions and interests. I never thought I even had a 1% chance of one day writing blogs and here I am today, fully enjoying the process of writing and sharing. 

The universe has endless possibilities for us and some can be fascinating. Who knows what, where or how we may find some of the most amazing things that life has to offer. Isn’t it tempting to think that some of the most beautiful, wonderful and amazing things of our life lie ahead of us?