My Dear Love,❤

You were the first I ever loved and even today you are the only one, I don’t know will I ever find someone else to whom I could love as much I used to do to you.

This letter is just for you so that you realize how much importance you always hold in my life.

I don’t hold any grudge for you despite, you told threads of lies about me to your parents with some spicy stories which even harmed my character.

I understand you were compelled to do so, otherwise, you would have lost the trust of your father.

I really appreciate your love for your father, you become an example for all the other girls, how the father’s prestige should be protected at the cost of your feelings and emotions.

I never wanted you (your physical being) from the very first day I told you many times I just wanted your Happiness, whether it’s with me or without me so when you decided that your happiness is only in your father’s decision, I never came in between, only you should be happy.

There is hardly any possibility that you’ll ever read this letter, but let me tell you, you were the person who changed my life so drastically and mostly for good. It was only you for whom I turned such a calm guy from a very short-tempered person.

You didn’t give me anything tangible but you gave me certain precious things that might not be seen but hold great importance.

Looking back, I now laugh about how I used to wait for your single message the whole day and how your message used to make me the happiest person on the planet. That was an amazing feeling.

It was only you for whom I took my career so seriously that now after you I have left the only important thing in my life, my career.

Wishing you on your birthday, meeting you in a temple with fear that someone may not see us, were such memorable moments I can never forget.

I still remember how just one smile of yours used to fuel me to chase my dreams. Just your one smile was enough to completely turn my bad mood. I always did what I could do for your smile and even now I pray that wherever you may be, you should be smiling.

I felt very lucky that you came into my life and taught me the true meaning of LOVE.

People often ask me how do I understand Love so deeply and I just smile and say, there was someone who taught me Love so deeply and so beautifully.

I just wish you had not left me, I had an abundance of love for you that I wanted to fill in your life to make you the happiest person but maybe I was not the right one for you or maybe you were not my destiny.

I just pray that whoever you marry, just keep you happy and gave you lots of love, you deserve.


Your Love❤

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