Feb 2020

Dear Ma,

Having sat down ( finally ) to write this letter to you, the very first words that come to mind are ‘Thank You’ .

  •  Thank You for giving me this family, for the way I have watched them care makes me believe true love exists.
  • Thank You for a handful of good friends whose concern and help  puts a smile on my face every time I think about it.
  •    Thank You for the help offered by a random stranger, for those actions reaffirm my faith in humanity.
  •  Thank you for a lot many ‘little’ things over the years that remind me that you are always there, holding my hand and guiding me through life. You truly care. You have never judged me (even though you know how truly weird I can get). One way or the other you have always made sure that I never lose sight of the silver lining in my dark clouds.

Remember how I always share the littlest things with you? Well these few things have been on my mind for quite a while now….

  •    I now know that I don’t need to have my adversities cancelled, all I ask is to have the strength and faith to live out my karma with dignity and grace.
  •     I hope that whatever comes to me by Your grace I give it to others tenfold.
  •  I hope that I learn to love with an open heart; without the fear of being used.

You have been with me always. Don’t worry Ma,if you are there i will carve something good out of this life.🍁

With love,

Your favourite kid😉


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