Date: Every time, you read.

The Residents

C/O:- Om Swami cum Shri Hari

Hridaya Sthanam, Manushya Deha.

Bhuloka, 1610816

Salutations to you all,

As an outsider, when I look at each one of you, I see none other than sparkling gems, each with its unique set of colors, patterns of geometry, and undeniable contributions in making a conducive atmosphere around, where every other being can bask in the grace of Shri Hari. Each of you has traversed your own unique journey, some parts were pleasant, some bitter, some ecstatic, while some, painful. Yet, you all have found your way back home and that is what matters, at last, to find your way back where you belong. Nonetheless, for most of you, the journey wasn’t an easy one. Some were searching for the address, from the moment they gained consciousness, while some came back after facing many harsh realities of life which I pray, no one has to endure. But the different facets of life, you all have experienced is what overwhelms me the most.

Some are working to protect our country both from the border and from within while some are working so that we can have many conveniences with the aid of technology and gadgets, some are sacrificing their quality time by tending to the patients in crisis, some are educating the future world leaders while some are trying their level best to make a conducive atmosphere at home where their children can grow to their fullest potential. Some are inspiring us with their fluency over language while some are trying to make us aware of different facades of life. Some are trying to instill moments of happiness while some are working devotedly without coming out in the limelight (Yes, I am referring to you all who are working on this website and the Black Lotus app so that it can become more user friendly.)

All of this when I observe, it fills me with great appreciation and gratitude towards each one of you. When I look at myself, it one way excites me that I have still so much to learn from each one of you and how can I learn, as soon as possible. I have not met you all and I don’t know if I will, ever, but the ambiance of Satva, you all resonate, clearly demarcates the map of Vaikuntha within each one of you. I have known Swamiji recently.  Not a year has passed since I know him and it happened just randomly, with the grace of Shri Hari. But let me tell you a secret.

I am neither so fond of Swamiji nor so fond of Shri Hari. They have always been there in one form or another and will always be, even if I realize or not. But it is you all, whom I am so fond of. The sense of devotion you all hold towards Swamiji and Shri Hari is what that touches me the most. There is a saying that if you want to know a gardener, look at his garden. The same applies to you all. Some of you have already bloomed and spread the fragrance of Satva all around while some are still in the process.  Where you are is not the point, the point is the conduct you exhibit instead of where you are. And I commend Swamiji for the wonderful garden that he has created with his intense effort and commitment and is still nurturing it by continuously investing his life energies.  He is always busy and I don’t think that I will have an audience with him soon but when I see, how you all are growing. I don’t wish for an audience because the time that he has been investing, has clearly more worth than mine.

Well, I look forward to learning many things from you all in one way or another and one more thing, reading has never been my strongest asset. As a result, I hardly read any books or articles but I try to read your articles as much as my eyes permit. I seek your forgiveness for taking this much of your time and hope one day, I can be a resident too,😊

Yours fondly,

An Outsider!!!

A letter to the residents of vaikuntha 2

P.S: Sorry, Swamiji and Shri Hari for using your candid photos without your permission. At least, it will bring a smile onto the faces of so many who adore you, and in this way, I will smile too as I adore them:-)


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