Proceeding on the path of seeking truth means turning things on their head. It feels strange yet so amusing to see
the notions and the concepts fed in one’s mind losing ground and habits gradually turning into conscious acts. But still one needs to stick to a careful observation which must lead one into a virtuous state of humility. 
The logical ability and emotional intelligence as biological imperatives are in their places in order to upkeep the factor of one’s sustenance. They are important from the point of view of survival which actually sits exactly against the idea of existence itself. They occasion an opportunity ; a vantage point to see the truth from a certain distance. It is like being on a tiny island in the middle of an ocean. You can’t perceive the greatness of an ocean until you reach such a site. So even the celebrated notion like ‘love’ begins to face a tough time. Under a strict observation one discovers that the feeling of love is not existential but survivalistic. It is an emotion and in other terms it’s something about a specific hormonal drive for reproduction. It is there like its counterpart (hatred) just to make one thrive. It is individual and egotistical. So one slowly discovers something that is not mere love or kindness but even bigger and fulfilling. 

‘Compassion’ appears with an awareness of indivisibility of life. It arises gradually when you become aware of the fact that nothing is different from you; everything animate or inanimate is sharing the same life and you in a certain proportion of the same have taken up this form or the body.