🍁 A Light To Oneself


When parents fail to

Make you a good human being, 

When neighbours fail to 

Love you as their own, 

When society fails to 

Free you from all conditionings, 


You have to find love and make yourself free.

You have to be a light to yourself! 


When friends fail to 

Give you the right guidance, 

When teachers fail to 

Impart the true teachings of life, 

When books and movies, 

Even newspapers fail 

To give you the right perspective 

Of everything, 


You have to clear out your own path. 

You have to be a light to yourself!


When philosophies fail to 

Simplify your struggle, 

When sciences fail to 

Show you the way 

To a life of true wellbeing, 

When all arts fail 

To give you the subtle taste of life, 


You have to feel your existence 

With all your being.

You have to be a light to yourself!

P.S: I myself am a teacher, but this poem is born out of my personal feelings. Somehow, we have to take the responsibility to free ourselves. This is what I feel. 
Thank you for your time. 🙏
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