As the world waits, today, with bated breath, for the final results of 2020 US Presidential Election, a recent incident comes to my mind.

A whiff of fresh air amidst the smog of divisive politics which unfortunately has become hallmark of elections world over.

When Kamala Harris (of South Asian decent) was nominated for the post of US Vice President, I got the following message from my American neighbour:

W* — Have your daughters said anything about Kamala Harris being the first Indian American to be selected to run on an American Presidential ticket?

Me — Not yet I don’t think I have told them. They are still a bit young for that. Politics usually gets left out of the discussions at home 🙂

W*— I thought that might be the case, but I think they should know that they should not be excluded from any position in our society due to their gender or heritage.

A simple message of camaraderie that holds a precious thought within its folds. Touché to that !

And touché to this thought, for the whole world.

I hope wherever we are, we celebrate these thoughts and nurture ideas of inclusivity. Come together to shape a world where representatives are  elected solely based on their caliber, irrespective of their race, group, orientation, colour of skin, gender or any other superficial labels.

May we become such to deserve such and then together achieve such .

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