It’s a beautiful beautiful day.. The bright sun soaked sunny mornings with a kissing winter breeze is so soul soothing.. 
Life is a blessing. I wonder how many stages of growth we cross !!!Right from the time we’re born to the time we find our partner ,as they say our better half , take the holy powerful religious vows to be together forever!!!!

Yes ,it’s a magical feeling,altogether..So unimaginable in the beginning that we’re going to spend our life with someone who we know since a while and now have to travel together in life for miles….. It’s so surreal.

I recently had my “tin”anniversary. The real epiphany  of this word took place when I was planning my bubsy’s(a very dear friend of mine) “tin”anniversary…. 
As I write this blog,I feel so grateful for everything,to have someone who fills  colour and sunshine in my life. At the same time I realise that how many moments I’ve actually cribbed of trivial things in the past,but at the same time I feel so proud and accomplished that we’ve been together through thick and thin times…. It’s a monsoon shower of love with high tides of emotional nostalgia going in my heart.

Marriage,a beautiful institution. So pure and graceful that it embraces you in love and trust… I mean seriously when I look myself I feel like seriously a hybrid of myself and my hubby… It’s hilarious actually!!! No wonders people say that after certain years of Marriage,you become more like siblings..Hah a ,I can actually feel it with a giggle…

Life is the best teacher. Marriage is like a seed you sow and then it reaps into a bud ,a sapling ,a miniature plant and then blossoms !!!! But you have to pour love ,trust ,patience and kindness in it. I know I’m sounding really unreal ,however, I’ve actually felt so. It’s not like I’ve not had low tides of despair or a lul of sadness and hopelessness or a confusion ,I got my answers . Thanks to Bubsy and reverend Swamiji’s preachings I’ve really evolved and become very sorted . 
It’s a habit ,unlearnt , or an innate attitude of “grass been greener on the other side” ,because of this we tend to become more complaining,less forgiving,extremely comparing and losing on compassion and love. Reading Swamiji ,made me understand to count on my blessings,be kind and grateful and living to love!!!!!! 
I feel so positive and empowered with his wisdom and grace!!!! 
So my dear readers , wise and happy souls ,please live to love , be grateful and kind !!!

”Carpe diem “

Jai Shri Hari!!!