Ananta koti dandavat and sastang pranam at the lotus feet of Swami ji. You are driving to write me this blog. The laptop keyboard is flowing as per your will and wish. My hands are just the medium. Please accept the Gold Medal that Sahil is awarded by securing International Rank 1 in English Olympiad organized by SOF Foundation. Also please accept the Silver Medal awarded to him in General Knowledge Olympiad organized by the same foundation. Your grace has started raining like cats and dogs on our family. Love ya Swami ji!

Now coming to the topic of this blog; it is dedicated to the feminine energy on the auspicious occasion of International Women’s day. As mentioned by you, that there are 2 kinds of energies i.e. masculine and feminine energy. When both unite, the creation moves on. This blog is dedicated to all the feminine energies which surround me.

Though I am a man, I can fully understand the trials and tribulation of being a woman. The very fact that when a baby is born in Indian context, more curiosity is expressed if it is a boy; a girl is an unwelcomed addition for most of the country, though the perception is changing slowly. But how can people be so mean minded that they underestimate the matru Shakti? Without this strange species called ‘mother’ how life will move forward…
Our society approves any kind of mistake committed by a boy or man. Even in case of a girl or lady being wronged, the blame is just easily transferred on to the victim and her life is made hell. Mothers don’t have a voice of their own. Even in the modern days when a woman is financially independent, still the onus of sacrificing her own space to bind the family together lies solely on her shoulder. The married man can go out with his friends to have tea with his friends in the evening after office hours whereas the woman is supposed to stay at home, to cook, take care of the kid(s) and so on which is not at all justified.

One major phenomenon on a woman’s life is the onset of Menstruation Cycle. This is a very painful event and 5 days in every month torments her. In these 5 days, all sorts of hormones wreak havoc on her physical and mental being. The physical pain cannot be described in words. This is the most important time to support her whether she is your mother, sister, wife, daughter or a colleague at your work place. It is scientifically proven that the pain endured by a woman while giving birth to a baby is more intense that the gravitational acceleration force or simply the G-force felt by the astronauts during the launching of a spacecraft when it is trying to break free of the gravitational barrier. After knowing this fact, every hand must get folded for all the mothers in the world. By all the mothers, I mean all the mothers including the animal kingdom.

I confess here that, my marriage is love marriage. But we live like best friends. My wife Sanghamitra is Gold Medal recipient in MSc. Statistics. But she has immensely sacrificed for the wellbeing of our family. First, she gave up her dream of joining Indian Statistical Services which she was very capable of as she got selected for studying in Indian Statistical Institute, the premier institute in India for Statistics education. She refused to work in IT sector though a lot of offers were available to her. Instead, she joined a public sector bank for stabilizing the home front as a clerical staff (she had offer letter from SBI to join as a PO). Now she is working as a Head Cashier forgoing all the promotions which she deserves. All these, only to devote time for Sahil and a crazy fellow like me.

This just one Sanghamitra. I know that there are millions. Even if they have sacrificed everything for their family, they are abused, treated brutally, suffer from domestic violence and what not. I literally cry when I come across any such incident. In high societies the crimes are even heinous, let alone the lower strata of the society. My heart goes for the feminine energy carried by all these women.

What we need to teach our boys is how to behave properly with a girl. Instead of suppressing the girls, it will be better to educate the boys to respect the opposite gender, admire them, see the feminine energy they carry. If they are violated, it is a disrespect to the maa herself. We are trying to instill the right kind of gender education in Sahil so that he imbibes all the qualities. We have divided our work and interchange the same with respect to time. There is nothing called a girl’s job or a boy’s job in our home so that Sahil can learn that LHS = RHS. Sometimes I take the charge of cooking, cleaning the dishes, clothes etc. Sometimes Sanghamitra takes up the gardening and vegetable marketing part. We don’t draw lines in our work.

Before this blog gets too large and the readers get bored, on the occasion of this International Women’s Day, I would like to pay my obeisance to my mother followed by Sanghamitra, my wife. (I don’t have any sister) Then come all the beautiful family members starting from Vrinda maa (my sleeping pill!!), Madavi Voleti (my guru maa), Kirtee Om ji (the pin up girl), Sushree Diya om ji (the figure of strength and courage), Divya Manoharan ji (the humorously bold lady), Meera Om ji (the versatile talent with sharmeelee face), Chantal Om Espitalier-Noel ji (the heart of the palm) , Kukil Om ji (the loving figure), Rohinee Karmarkar ji (the light), Siddhika Umesh ji (the graceful desi Canadian), Jaishree Raichandani ji (who feels happy for others), Sneh Juyal ji (showers a lot of sneh), Mansi Dwivedi ji (the charming smiling beauty), Shalini Pandey ji (the motherly figure), Kavitha Satgunarajah ji (the compassionate lady), Komal (the chulbul girl), Supriya Patnaik ji (my semi Odia sister!!!) and last but not the least our very very talented Medha Shri ji (beauty with brain) and all the others who I have missed out. I also take this opportunity to pay my tribute to my lady boss Suguna Madam and all the female colleagues.

Love ya all!!! A crazy person can do anything crazy!!!