A Mesmerizing World! 


Somewhere, I Gaze them   mouldering  in Poverty,

Somewhere, I see them  muster up with abbacy,

Some are Manoeuvring and Fleeting  to be Prosper,

Some are alone, solitary left to finish despensations undeterred! 

Thy Leela who can Decipher!

One Day, 

One day I found a sexagenarian man, 

Sitting beside thy Temple’s large Pedestal Stand!

Bare Footed! And Tossing in Dust!

Aye!  beyond the Dint of Gold and Lust

Crying profusely and sitting on  Own faeces!

Most Dreaded, most Disliked and Divulged  to adverses! 


 He was getting rid of his Transcendences

Exuberance- Accelerating as if a  Kite

Next day He disappeared to thy  Infinite!

Aye! Like Sri Chaitanya merged with  his Hari  Light! 

Aye! As Ramanujan became One with His Equation of Conjecture !


Like Pannalal Became Eternal with His Prosody Juncture! 

Thy Leela I can’t Decipher!

Thy Leela Is Infinite O

Accelerating– Infinite! 

A Mesmerizing World, Aye! 

They were called ” friends”, who accepted me whole heartedly

Covered me with their charming eyes, 

Seated by  me sharing all shies,


Keeping no heeds to limit , knots and ties

Until Some Day, One Day! 

Until one day  all Zeroed on with thy  Finite ‘ Delights‘ , 

Accelerating – Mesmerizing World ! 

Those Finite Delights‘! 

I wish for  them swimming  to the  Greater Height

Aye, Upwards! Peerless

Thou O please  float them  with thy  warmth and  relief

Across the Impermanence  bay of thy Omniscient reef! 

Bless them Wisdom, Bless them with thyLight!


Illuminate their abode with thy Radiance and Bright!

Illuminate their abode with thy Radiance and Bright!

Thy Leela who can Decipher O!

A Mesmerizing World, Aye

A Mesmerizing! 

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