It is true that unless one does not go through suffering, it is very difficult to understand the message of life. Emotion cannot be realised through word unless one has gone through those condition. My childhood was moderate. Except health, everything was fine in my life. My mother is a patient of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD). Due to which she was unable to focus on household activities. It also affected my physical health. I usually  used to have common cold during initial years of my childhood which effected my studies. But as I grew, I came to know that I have to built my future. So, I studied hard and finally I got into the top colleges of India.

Everything was fine in my life. The year in which I got into the top engineering college, in that same year my elder sister got married. Life was going very smoothly for me. But yes, getting admission to college was great achievement for me. Finally, I got placed and the day came when I joined the company as a employee.

But it is well said that life doesn’t go in a straight line. Just after one month of joining, I received a bad news. My sister suffered from Bipolar disorder( BPD). I rushed towards my home. My sister mental condition was worse. We all arrange for her proper treatment. The treatment went for sometime and finally she became normal with help of proper medication. Again thing became fine for few years. While in the company, I was doing fine and even appreciated by my management. But with time, it seemed that management did not reciprocated my performance and not only my promotion was delayed but also I was transferred to different department. It created frustration in me. I took decision of resigning from company. Initially my parents didn’t supported me but finally agreed. On the other hand, my sister was constantly not well. As medication was taking troll on her. But her husband took good care of her. On the individual platform, I was unable to do nothing for her. This made feel vacuum from inside.

From here onwards, my spiritual journey started. On 2015, I was fortunate to meet my Guru. My life started changing slowly. Everything become organised slowly and slowly.Today, I feel more confident and more independent than before. I specially pay reverence to my Guruji Om Swami and Divine Mother for bringing this change in my life. Thank you everyone for sharing my moments of life with you all. Be happy and enjoy every moment, life is too short to regret. Thank you once again.