A few days back, we were excited to make Chocolate & Cookies Mug Cake as evening Prasadam for Sri Hari Bhagwan ji who is gloriously and smilingly sitting in our beautiful temple at home. To buy some chocolate cookies, I went to the nearby store to purchase some. There I saw my school friend who is helping his grandfather, I was happy to see him after lockdown, we got joyously engaged in funny chit chats and shared laughs.😀 As his grandfather was busy with some other work outside the store. I asked my friend to give me some packets of chocolate cookies. He handed me the cookies that I asked and gave him money to pay for the cookies and my friend gave me the remaining amount. I left the store hurriedly as I was super excited to make Parsadam for Bhagwan ji. I took the amount and didn’t count the money received. While keeping the money in my wallet, I noticed that he gave me more than the amount he should have given. So, I ran back to the store and told him that you have given me more money, then I returned the extra amount, he felt happy for himself and thanked me for my honesty and kindness. I went back home and happily made the Chocolate & Cookies Mug Cake. Me and my lovely Bua served the cake to our beloved Sri Hari Bhagwan ji. And Bhagwan ji loved the cake and also loved my honesty in the act.🧁🧁

And I realized that we should be a honest person not a greedy person. We should never make profit on others loss.

Here’s my takeaway, so what do you think whether we should prefer to be honest person or greedy person in similar situations?

Yes!! now is the time to have Prasadam that we served. Here’s the photo of delicious & yummy yummy Chocolate & Cookies Mug Cake. Hope you all loved it…

A mindful baking 1

If anyone would like to know the reciepe, please text me in the comment box, I will share it. Thank you!!!

Keep Smiling😊😊

P.S.  actually this write up was posted on 2 july and it got deleted accidentally. So I updated again. Many apologies!!!

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