Whatever appeared life and death,
Seem to merge and converge,
In the moments of
Intense Living.

To woe of the ones,
Who go for simple living;
As nothing of life touches them,
For what’s living without a tinge of death.

LIfe gets a boring cycle,
Repeating habitual,
Again and again.

With the old rotation,
Past overpowers present,
Thus decides the future,
And what lay forth yesterday,
Will all that’s be tomorrow.

A moment of intense living,
And dying the next,
Is way worth choosing,
Dying a mediocre eternity;
And sorry for the mediocre’s dragging life,
For he knows not,
Any success or failure,
As even the failure’s last breaths,
Will float and brim full of profound life.


Live as intensely as possible. Burn your candle of life from both ends. Burn it so intensely that if it is finished in one second it is okay. At least you will have known what it is.




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