Funny story- I was super happy and excited after grabbing a copy of A Monk’s Memoir, If truth be told. It was absolutely difficult to get your hand on one of them. It was the courtesy of our dear Chantal Ji who is working relentlessly to promote the writings of Swami Ji in Mauritius. It was the type of book that any bibliophile would be happy to have in his collection; hard bound with a wrapping of canva layer. I made a special visit to the supermarket to buy two highlighters, one pen-like and in blue ink. The other was the traditional looking highlighter in yellow ink. I made a commitment to read the book as slowly as I could. The book became on top of my reading list upon the kind recommendation of Respected Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji. 

I was happily going through the book, when I read this particular thought expressed by Swami Ji. I tried to make sense of it over some mental debates. Before reading this, I always believed in making a book personal, highlighting and jotting notes in margins. From that page on, I neither highlighted a single page nor wrote in the book. But I had already done the inevitable. I beg your forgiveness Swami Ji. Please forgive me Swami Ji.

A monk’s memoir-1 #thewritechoice 2

🙏🏼Hari Om🙏🏼