I always saw the copper, glass and crystal versions of the Sri Yantra. They look nice and would make a beautiful addition to any home decor. However, after reading the description of Sri Yantra in Swami Ji’s memoir, my idea of a Yantra changed completely. I always had a penchant for The Mahisasur Mardini Stotram. I recited the Stotram countless times, but it was only after following Swami Ji that I heard the Lalita Sahastranam. Hopefully, I will be able to meditate on the Sri Yantra as per the instructions and guidance of Swami Ji

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It is interesting to note how beautifully the relationship of the Guru-Shishya has been described by Swami Ji. Both share a special bond with each other. Before following and believing in Swami Ji, I have to admit that I had a complete misconception of this relationship. I thought it was more of a monetary exchange. If one has a Guru in the presence and form of Swami Ji, do I even need to worry about the destination?

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