The most important part of mindfulness and my absolute favorite is the chocolate part🤭😂. Take a piece of chocolate, put it into my mouth and allow it to melt gracefully. Enjoying the mellowing feel of the sweet chocolate, swirling it and feeling the dopamine hitting my senses. Sometimes a bitter note hits as an aftertaste. I should do that with sweet sweet mango 😍. The fragrance of ripe mangoes and almost melting sensation it bestows. One of the greatest inventions of Mother Nature. Mango guy all the way! 
A monk’s memoir-3 #thewritechoice 2

In one of the posts of Swami Ji and in the memoir itself, He wrote that one’s faith in one’s guru must be unshakable. When a guru instructs you something, you should not question that instruction, because the relationship that they share together is sacred. It is us who went seeking for a Guru and not vice-versa. I personally believe that when we are thirsty, sitting around and waiting for the glass of water to appear out of thin air is foolishness. One has to walk and go to the tap. The tap will never come to you. The definition of seeker is the one who seeks, in search of. 
A monk’s memoir-3 #thewritechoice 3

A monk’s memoir-3 #thewritechoice 4
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