Jai Shri Hari 

I bow down to the almighty and express my gratitude and reverence to my happiness reason Swamiji!!!!!

I would like to share with you all the nano experiences I’ve been through… I usually am a very controlled empathetic soul especially with kids.. However, many a times I just become the opposite.. Now quickly, I request you to think what would you do if you are caught up in an argumentative situation or a difference of opinion or a fight …. Mostly the most humanly response would be “ the self righteous “ one.. In order to give justification to this feeling,we would stop talking to the other party or part ways.. I hope most of you agree with me…..

Now coming back, what happens when the same situation, this time you having an upper hand is with your child!! Like if I ask this to myself, I’m very explaining with my kids trying to prove my point and succeed as well…

But you know what , the most divine miraculous expression of reaction is given by the little humans… It happens whenever I am in a discussion with my kid , he isn’t bothered to prove themselves right !!! Rather his all focus is in my eyes ,reading my anxiety and soothing me by saying “are you angry with me “ please don’t be”

I mean, the qualities I wish to inculcate, mindfulness,unconditional behaviour and love ,they have it all so naturally…. 
It’s so much so so much to learn with them.. Topping above all is there simplistic attitude and let go emotion…
These wonders of nature practice and preach without show off…

No matter how much you get angry for how long, they’ll always come to you!!! This magical beautiful embracing is so beautiful!!!  For them we’re there whole universe!!!

 I’m so glad and overwhelmed to feel it and improve and evolve and learn!!!! 
I would also like to express my gratitude for Swamiji, for his wonderful work on “The Children Of Tomorrow “It beautifully encompasses the pearls of parenting and feelings of children!!!! Thank you so much Swamiji for this wonderful literature..

Thank you everyone for going through my blog.

I would like to end my writing by beginning a new way of parenting incorporating the two important elements: love and respect in this magical bond!!!!!!!

Jai Shri Hari