Everything is beautiful

In thy beautiful world

Even the period of darkness in life

Have some wisdom to expound.

It teaches us in many ways

Depending upon

Thinking and thought process

a person holds in heart.

A period of darkness

Considered as bad part of life

Is in truth not bad

But it’s an opportunity to grow

And learn from it.

Believe in God

When life seems otherwise

Life falling apart

Keeping the courage to think positively

Thinking it to be the Will of God

We may not understand now

But it’s a reminder that

Everything happens for a reason.

After night there is always sun

Who is waiting eagerly for you

To begin your new day

With love and faith

And a pretty smile on your face

Good thoughts in mind

To make one’s day

Fulfilling and meaningful.

Similarly, even in period of darkness

A ray of hope always shining through

As faith in his soul

Believe in heart


This too will not last long and

Come to an end.


Period of darkness makes one stronger

To face ups and down of life

With beautiful smile

It does a great job

In evolving a person from inside

Polishes a person into one of gold

Makes him good human being and humble soul.

If one wants happiness in life

Stop being afraid of darkness

Just face it with strength &

Faith in oneself

Will come out to be victorious

In shunning away darkness.

A beautiful feeling

That after a period of darkness

There is always brightness

Which waiting for you with open arms.

Just embrace golden light of God with love.



Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om