Is it really possible to not take things personally? Who can really take things personally?

Suppose a person takes his boss’ response personally,it means he has mixed up his professional personality & his relationship personality. One has many identities. From the identity of a male to the identity of a professional ,one takes up toooo many identities. A son/daughter, man/woman, student/teacher, father/mother, brother/sister, doctor/engineer, and so on and on and on. The glamour that is added to these identities are the notions of good, bad, beautiful, ugly, intelligent, lazy,weak,thin,stout and what not … At times , the make up of intelligent is added to a doctor and when doctor faces an issue at his work,his glamour is lost. When a boss questions ones work, then the person who has identified with the glamour wears off. In order to maintain the state of balanced mind, one has to apply the correct make up to the identity accordingly…
Having said these, it is very important to note that all are just identities and glamour added to it. All the glamours are meant to wear off. Not taking things personally is never going to end until the personality in the person dies. whatever personality that one has been subscribed to, it is ought to be hit by one way or the other. Thats nature. Because,by nature, you are not a limited personality. To know your true nature,your limited personality has to be hit.It has to be smashed. Truly ,when one looks back at the person in oneself, nobody could ever find the person. Theres no person to be smashed even. Yet, there is a belief that one is a person and has so and so personality. One has to look within. But he/she struggles to look in. It needs immense strength to looking and overcome the fears of losing himself/herself. It needs utmost courage and willingness to let go of ones personality to realise the unlimited nature of ones real self.

Risk your limited personality to know your true nature. Then there would be no person to take things personally.
You are truly unlimited ! You are That !