In the dark hallways
of our long lost fears
hangs a picture
of You.
When that moment arrives
when all has failed
and all is dark
there burns a lamp ever so quietly
underneath your picture.
Its flame a whisper
a catalyst
a conduit, a bridge
a shining star
in the constricted quarters of our hearts.
Oh some days, so much comes to pass
that if it weren’t for You
the Sun would never shine
on our faces
and the Moon lost to the ethereal night.
There’d be no comfort
not a place
for the tears to run and hide.
Where would we then go
with all that ugliness
on which door would we knock?
If not for You
all would be lost
as if a child at birth
had lost its mother.
But You are here
amidst and amongst us.
And glory be to Your every atom
brilliant and beautiful
incomparable…as You are.
It is in Your word
we’ve found great meaning.
The picture in our hearts
is the picture on our altars
The truth is
in finding God
we’ve surely found You.

Note: the poem’s specially written to pay tribute to the stunning picture above, in our hearts and our minds.

Image credit: Anand Om – Official Photographer SBA

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