That’s how I like my tea, with just a pinch of brown sugar. Today morning the light was great and streaming and I also captured the way I love my tea. With a great tea spiced with fresh ginger and lemon grass (from my kitchen garden ) and the right amount of sugar, a Saturday morning can be nothing but inspiring.  Today is also the first Saturday of the month, I had my satisfaction and fill after reading Swamiji’s inspiring blog, Hell Yeah or No    

Being February I go out for my 30-minute walk in the morning between 9 and 9.30 in a nearby park. That is my vision board goal for Feb  #bebettermewithosdotme So far so good. Today I woke up late and my mind coaxed me that today is the weekend and to be different. Be flexible. When it comes to coaxing towards breaking my goals nothing works better than my mind. Since my mind is my inner child I listen to it than reason with it. After all, it is a child! So I ended up with my second cup of tea and jeera cookies I got from Husseny bakery of Pune Camp yesterday. These jeera cookies are just delicious. In every bite, you get the crunch of roasted jeera, a speck of salt, and a hidden sweetness. It is definitely a masterpiece of this bakery. I  went to Husseny bakery to see their ancient wood fire oven and the process of baking in it. But I couldn’t visit their work area as I had not taken prior permission from the owner. Baked beauties filled every inch of the small bakery.  I stood there admiring the display of cakes, cookies, and buns of all types on the glass shelves unable to decide what to buy! Few women from the neighborhood lanes came to buy their regular bread. They exchanged friendly chats with the baker while the bread was quickly wrapped in white paper sheets.  Today their dinner must be these fresh slices of bread dipped in some delicious curry!

I filled my bag with goodies! Mawa cake, buns, mini sliced bread, Shrewsbury biscuits, jeera biscuits. All for a reasonable price.

So, today morning as the light was just right I took some pictures of the Jeera biscuits and tea.


So dear friends, I am showing off my work today, inspired by the book   ‘’Show Your Work ! 10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered’by Austin Kleon. This is a self-help book I am carrying in my handbag on morning walks. The park is a nice place to sit and read also. The book already has many sticky notes protruding from it. I am warned not to make dog ears on it by my daughter. ( It is her book 😊 )

Read an excerpt from the book: 

‘’ Put yourself and your work out there every day and you will start meeting some amazing people’’-Bobby Solomon

When a pitcher throws a knuckleball,he releases the baseball with as little spin as possible. The air current moves against the baseball’s seams, and it makes the baseball move really strangely. Once a good knuckleball is thrown, it’s equally unpredictable to the batter, the catcher, and the pitcher who threw it. 9 sounds a lot like the creative process, huh? )

Knuckleball pitchers are basically the ugly ducklings of baseball. Because there are so few of them they form a kind of brotherhood, and they often get together and share tips with one another. Dickey writes about how rare this is in his memoir, ‘’Wherever I wind Up ‘’: There is no chance that an opposing pitcher, no matter how nice a guy is going to invite me to watch how he grips and throws his split-fingered fastball or slider. Those are state secrets. ‘’

‘’ With his fellow knuckleballers, however, things are different: Knuckleballers don’t keep secrets ‘’

As you put yourself and your work out there, you will run into your fellow knuckleballers. These are your real peers-the people who share your obsessions, the people who share a similar mission to your own, the people with whom you share a mutual respect. There will only be a handful of them, but they are important.  Do what you can to nurture your relationship with these people. Sing their praises to the universe. Invite them to collaborate. Show them work before you show anybody else. Call them on the phone and share your secrets. Keep them as close as you can.’’

‘’ Part of the act of creating is in discovering your own kind. They are everywhere, But don’t look for them in the wrong places’’- Henry Miller

So, my friends ‘’share your work’’ Find your gang of knuckleballers!

Have a lovely day. Jai Sri Hari. 😊

The link for the book Show Your Work ! 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity And Get Discovered is Here 

 The Link for  ”Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball By R a Dickey is Here